Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dramatic Greens w/120 Palette


Here is yesterday's look using colors from my 120 palette.  I used UDPP and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as base.  From the palette I used a couple (3 or 4) of matte greens, matte white and a matte black.  I also used a shimmery yellowy green on the lower inner lashline.

My Cheeks are MAC The Perfect Cheek

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow stunning look, so beautifully gorgeous ...I saw a pic lately of a plum smokey and the model had the same eye color as yours : I saw the ad and I thought of you (yeah I am a crazy stalker ;-)))) I can't remember seeing you in a plum smokey but you'd be perfect .....

    Caro xxx

  2. It matches your eyes ^____^ I demand that you wear greens more often! They're so pretty on you.

  3. So lovely! Greens look awesome on you.

  4. i love green eyeshadow! very pretty!

  5. Beautiful makeup!

    I'm following you :)

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    Have a great weekend!

  6. WOW this is so pretty! Love it.. i am a new follower and i am glad i found your blog :)

  7. Love it! I have decided that I will call you Queen of the Crease from now on! Is that OK with you ?!

  8. thanks so much dear ladies!! Sorry I fell behind on replies... been sooo busy.

  9. that green is so pretty :)