Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi-Fi 100 proof eyes


Here is my first look using Hi-Fi cosmetics.  Out of the 3 colors I used on this look, only 1 was one that I chose for myself (100 proof, this was a half off shadow as its sadly being discontinued).  The other 2 were free samples included with the order.  I love free samples because they're free (LOL) and because they're like a little surprise of colors you might not have chosen for yourself, but often end up loving.  This is definitely the case with these beautiful colors.  I really like the way this came out, these colors are gorgeous and the texture is amazing. 

I'm not liking my foundation in these pics (revlon photo ready), think I'm going back to my old routine of MAC MSF natural.  The photo ready looks better IRL, really bad in pics... go figure.

Color descriptions are taken from HiFi's etsy store, with the exception of ballad.

I used:
Aromaleigh eyeshadow primer
HiFi Ballad on inner corners (about 1/3)- (I couldn't find this color in their etsy store but I'd describe it as the palest green with beautiful shimmer)

HiFi 100 proof middle of lid, blended into Ballad, almost to edge of eye- (100 PROOF is a bright neon green that is fabulous!!! )

HiFi Boom Shaka Laka applied to edge of eye, V and into crease.. and along lower lashline (BOOM SHAKA LAKA is a vivid gold-green with lots of emerald glitter! Unique and beautiful!!!)

NYX black, the tiniest amount, to deepen V and lower lashline (matte black)... then buffed some more of the Boom Shaka Laka on top of it to blend it out

I used a clinique off white color on my brow bone... not sure of the name.
Ben Nye cake liner
CG lashblast

I only used 1 brush today for the majority of the application- my Sonia Kashuk small shader brush.  I did a little bit of blending at the upper edge of the greens with my MAC 224.

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Nectar

Lips are Revlon Colorstay Ultimate in Prized Peach- this stayed on allllll day

I rarely do head on straight shots, 'cause I normally get the big eye little eye thing from the flash... and it makes my nose look bigger lol.

The next color I want to try out is Arsonist, its the 2nd form the left on the bottom row pictured below.  Any ideas on what to pair it with?  I'm thinking yellowy gold on inner corner and some matte brown in outer V.


Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

HiFi Cosmetics Swatches

I received my HiFi mini haul yesterday and anxiously tore into the package.  I am wowed by the gorgeous colors, texture, and pigmentation of the shadows.  The colors adhere to the skin quite nicely and a little goes a long way.  I am also quite impressed with the generosity of Veronica, the owner of HiFi cosmetics.  The free samples and extras are generous, the colors she chose to include were amazing. Here are swatches applied on bare skin using q-tips:

Top row, L to R:
100 proof, Kiss, Ballad, Boom Shaka Laka, Spotlight and Alone

Bottom row, L to R;
Live Large, Arsonist, Punk Rocker, Sacrelicious, Bounce, Things That Cannot Speak

I am excited to try these out on my eyes, I'm envisioning a green look for today.  Pictures later!

Friday, January 29, 2010

NYX sultry purples.. yes, purple.... again

yeaahhhh, I like purple ok?? :)

Today I was wearing my favorite teal cardigan on top of a black tank paired with my new pencil skirt that my mom and I made the other day.  The skirt is a lovely charcoal grey, with teal and white pinstripes in it.  I have tons of the fabric left, so I have to figure out some other things to do with it! The temperature barely got above 10 degrees today, and it was snowing, yet I still decided a skirt was a wise choice.  Anyway, whenever I wear teal, I love pairing it with purple shadows.  Purple and Teal are awesome.

This look was deeper in real life, this is a combo I used to go to regularly but havn't worn for a while.

What I used:
Bare Necessity cream shadow as base
NYX Barely There on inner corners and brow (off white with golden sheen)
NYX Daffodil on rest of lid, blended to just above crease (satin finish midtone warmish purple)
NYX Deep Purple Outer corners into crease (Pruney deep purple with some sheen, this is the older formula of Deep Purple, the new one is more blackened)
NYX Black to deepen outer corners (matte black)
Ben Nye Cake liner in black applied with aromaleigh sealant
CG lashblast

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Dolly
Foundation is MAC MSF natural in light/medium
Lips are Rimmel Celeb (edit... airy fairy, not celeb!!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At home beauty day and an ultra cheap deep conditioner!

Ahhhhhh, a day off with nothing on the agenda.  Right now it is just the dogs and I lounging on the couch.  I've decided to take this day to relax and pamper myself a bit.  Right now, I have a great deep conditioning pack in my hair.  I have used this conditoner a couple of times already and really like the results.  It is an Olive Oil conditioning pack, available at walmart and drug stores and can be found in the ethnic hair section.  It costs just a little over a dollar for the pack, and I can easily get 2 uses out of it.  Here is a pic:

It smells like citrus fruits and is very thick and creamy.  What I do is wet my hair squeeze out extra moisture, then apply a generous amount of this stuff and comb it through with my fingers.  I put on a shower cap and let it sit for 45 to an hour and rinse really well.  Sometimes, I like to put this on and sit in the sauna over at my parent's house to really let the heat work it in.  Here is a pic of me, with ACK! no makeup, letting the product do it's magic.  He he, sorry for the silly face!  The dogs are laughing at me too.

I find that my hair looks a bit greasy afterwards, so I generally do this on a day off when I have nothing else to do.  After a shampooing the next day, my hair looks shiney and soft.... its moisturized and i have less flyaway hairs and more manageability. 

So what is next on the agenda??  I wish I had some kind of facial masque to apply.  My nails do need serious attention, and later on perhaps some makeup fun!  I have 2 packages en route to me, hopefully they'll come today and I can play! 

What do you all use for deep conditioning?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Earthy Teal

Aromaleigh's Myrtha is a lovely smokey tealish shade with very earthy undertones.  Today I wanted a warm smokey look with some color, so I built a look around this color.  I paired it with some neutral mattes and really like the way it came out.  I think by layering Myrtha on top of some smudged out black shadow, you can really amplify the gorgeousness of it!

I also wanted to mention how much I really love Prestige waterproof pencil liners.  They apply smoothly and are quite smudgeable, yet stay put once set.  They are quite similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils and can be found at Rite Aid and Walgreens for about $5.  I actually reach for my prestige pencil way more than my UD zero!

I used:
UDPP as base
Aromaleigh Latte in crease (matte midtone neutral/warm brown)
Aromaleigh Ebony on outer corners (matte black)
Aromaleigh Myrtha all over lid (The rich deep blue green of night with an earthy base. Gorgeous dramatic blue-green highlight shimmer. Apply wet for high drama, dry for softer effect. Plush matte base with sheen highlight.)
I used a too light foundation sample on my brow to highlight and blend
Ben Nye Cake liner in black
Cover Girl lashblast
Prestige waterproof liner in black on waterlines

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Verve

Step by Step:
  • After priming lids, used Mac 217 to apply Latte to crease
  • Using a Mac 219, applied Ebony to the outer corners of my eyes, first drawing a line extending out from my lower lashline towards the outer end of my brows.  I then dragged it inward forming a wedge shape along the outer upper lashline, dragging it then across the entire lashline... thinnest on the inner corners.  Using the 217 again, I smudged this black shadow out.  You could also do this by applying a piece of tape and smudging the black shadow inward, keeping it thickest at the outer edges of your eyes. 
  • Using a small Sonia Kashuk shader brush, I patted Myrtha all over the lid, starting on the inner corners then working towards the outer.  I blended this into the crease color and patted it on top of the black.
  • Go back with the 219 and ebony and deepen the black as needed
  • Using a Mac 224 I applied some mineral foundation to my brow area for a natural highlight, using it o blend any harsh edges
  • Used 219 to smudge some ebony along lower lashes then smudged some myrtha on top of that
  • Applied Ben Nye cake liner with some aromaleigh sealant and a synthetic fine tipped liner brush, applied mascara and done!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phloof-y Purple


Today's look is all over the place as far as brands used.  It is a softer purple look... I guess I'm on a purple spree! 

I used:
Bare Necessity Cream Shadow as base
Aromaleigh Slate as crease contour/blender color (light taupe matte)

Revlon Matte antique lace blended above the slate (matte vanilla color)
MAC Phloof on inner 2/3 of lid, and a bit under the brow (supper shimmer pinky vanilla)
NYX Purple applied to outer V, into crease and blended into the phloof (warm midtone purple)
Mad Minerals Eggplant to deepen V (cool deep blackened purple)
Ben Nye Cake liner
CG lashblast mascara

My Lips are Rimmel Celeb

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aromaleigh Pinks and Purples!!


This was yesterday's LOTD.   I purchased the entire sample set of Aromaleigh's Retro Hi Fi matte collection a while ago; I knew I would love them as I am always in search of matte shadows in exciting colors.   I like to combine textures and finishes in my looks, and usually reach for a matte or satin shade for the crease/outer V area.  This collection makes me so happy because the colors are vibrant, matte, nicely pigmented and from the ones I've swatched so far- not chalky at all.  Today I used Whats Shakin' in my crease and fell in love with the cool, midtoned purple shade.

The pics don't do a great job of relaying the colors, they were a bit deeper and more vibrant IRL.  Darn flash!!

Here is what I did:
  • Applied UDPP and a very scant and even layer of NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk from lashes to brow, with a slightly heavier application to the tear duct area
  • Using a MAC 217 brush, applied Aromaleigh Whats Shakin' to my crease.  I applied from the outer corner in to ensure that the heaviest depositing of color was on the outer edge of my eye.  I blended this at the upper edges.
  • Using a Sonia Kashuk small shader brush, I applied Aromaleigh Fan Club all over the lid up to the crease blending it into the Whats Shakin'
  • Using a pointed crease brush from Coastal scents (like the MAC 226), I applied Aromaleigh London Dungeon to the Outer V and brought it slightly into the crease
  • Picked up that 217 brush and blended the London Dungeon out using whatever Whats Shakin was left on the brush
  • Using the same Sonia Kashuk brush, I picked up a tiny but of Aromaleigh Peony and blended it into the outer edges of my lid and dragged it inward into the Fan club
  • Lined the lower lashline with a smudger brush and some London Dungeon
  • Using the same shader brush, wiped clean, applied Aromaleigh Moon to the tear duct area, dragging it slightly into the inner crease and lower lashline colors
  • Lined with Ben Nye Cake Liner, applied mascara... Done!
Eyeshadows- all Aromaleigh- What's Shakin' (retro matte), Fan Club (rocks), London Dungeon (rocks), Peony (Pure Hue... discontinued), Moon (pure hue ... discontinued)

Face- I used Revlon Photo Ready foundation and pressed powder.  On my cheeks is Aromaleigh Pomegranate applied very lightly.  Lips are MAC Slimshine in Long Stem Rose

Color Descriptions-
What's Shakin'- Cool toned purple, one tulle prom dress at a time.
Fan Club- Perfect high lustre pink with opalescent blue violet sheen.
London Dungeon- michievous purple glimmer reflects the depth of black. sealant/base recommended.
Peony- the Pure Hue collection is discontinued but this is a deep magenta
Moon- also disc., this is a high shimmer pure white

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eyeshadow Quickie!!

Somedays I just don't have the time for elaborate eyeshadow looks.  Today was one of these days.  In these instances I focus on one main eyeshadow color, one that has enough pop and drama on its own to still look rich and original.  The color I chose for today's look was Jazzy from Pure Luxe.   PL describes the color as medium blue with purple underone and LOTS of shimmer, I'd say the description is pretty spot on.  I went with this color because it is quite multi-dimensional and because green eyed gals can't go wrong with purple.  I like how this made my eyes look extra green.
Here is how I created this quickie look:
  • Applied UDPP all over lid area
  • Rimmed my eyes thickly with black kohl liner (l'oreal le grand kohl), thickest on the outer lashline
  • Smudged the heck out of that liner using a smudger brush, bringing the color up above the crease slightly in a cat eye-ish shape making sure the edges were well blended
  • Patted Jazzy all over the black pencil, blending it out at the crease
  • Buffed on some matte cream colored shadow to the brow area, using this to blend out any harsh lines
  • Highlighted inner corners with MACs vanilla piggie
  • Lied eyes with my trusty BN cake liner and applied mascara... Done in record time! 
I used Revlon matte blush in peach, no lipstick on in the pics... just some rosebud salve, but I topped that with some Pink Please Lipstick from Maybelline later on.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Aromaleigh LOTD- Golden Bronze

Today's look was created from some of my aromaleigh samples that have gone long neglected.  I've been loving golds lately and opted for a warmer sultry look to go with my newly darkened hair.   This is my favorite kind of look to wear lately, its smokey and somewhat sultry... kind of neutral yet the shades are all so multi-dimensional that they stand out regardless. 

I used:
Bare Necessity cream chadow as base all over lid

Aromaleigh Concrete Jungle on inner lid
Description: warmed taupe with the most amazing bright sparks of aqua.
Dupes: NYX antique gold, MAC Patina (though neither of these really match the gorgeousness of this shade!)

Aromaleigh Aurelie on outer lid
Description: Coppered bronze with smokey lowlight and gold and copper sparks
Dupes: MAC bronze maybe

Aromaleigh Ebony In outer V/crease
Description: completely matte black
Dupes: NYX Black, MAC Carbon... any matte black will do

Aromaleigh Oyster on brow
Dupes: your fave matte highlight shade

Ben Nye Cakeliner in black on upper lashline
Urban Decay 24/7 in zero on waterlines
CG lashblast mascara

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Nectar

Lips are MAC slimshine in Bare