Saturday, January 30, 2010

HiFi Cosmetics Swatches

I received my HiFi mini haul yesterday and anxiously tore into the package.  I am wowed by the gorgeous colors, texture, and pigmentation of the shadows.  The colors adhere to the skin quite nicely and a little goes a long way.  I am also quite impressed with the generosity of Veronica, the owner of HiFi cosmetics.  The free samples and extras are generous, the colors she chose to include were amazing. Here are swatches applied on bare skin using q-tips:

Top row, L to R:
100 proof, Kiss, Ballad, Boom Shaka Laka, Spotlight and Alone

Bottom row, L to R;
Live Large, Arsonist, Punk Rocker, Sacrelicious, Bounce, Things That Cannot Speak

I am excited to try these out on my eyes, I'm envisioning a green look for today.  Pictures later!


  1. I also love Hi Fi....Amazing products. I am still waiting for my last order. I am getting antzy.....Can't wait for your pics....

  2. Nice haul! Can't wait to see your FOTD's :D

  3. Sweet! I have an order coming too. Not sure when it's going to get here tho since she said there would be a delay in shipping due to her being sicky. Poor girl. I'll make sure to do some swatches.

  4. Krista- this was my first order, I'm in love!

    Nea- Kiss was purchased due to your beautiful FOTD

    Blix- It took a while to get mine, though she included some awesome extras so it was worth the wait