Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eyeshadow Quickie!!

Somedays I just don't have the time for elaborate eyeshadow looks.  Today was one of these days.  In these instances I focus on one main eyeshadow color, one that has enough pop and drama on its own to still look rich and original.  The color I chose for today's look was Jazzy from Pure Luxe.   PL describes the color as medium blue with purple underone and LOTS of shimmer, I'd say the description is pretty spot on.  I went with this color because it is quite multi-dimensional and because green eyed gals can't go wrong with purple.  I like how this made my eyes look extra green.
Here is how I created this quickie look:
  • Applied UDPP all over lid area
  • Rimmed my eyes thickly with black kohl liner (l'oreal le grand kohl), thickest on the outer lashline
  • Smudged the heck out of that liner using a smudger brush, bringing the color up above the crease slightly in a cat eye-ish shape making sure the edges were well blended
  • Patted Jazzy all over the black pencil, blending it out at the crease
  • Buffed on some matte cream colored shadow to the brow area, using this to blend out any harsh lines
  • Highlighted inner corners with MACs vanilla piggie
  • Lied eyes with my trusty BN cake liner and applied mascara... Done in record time! 
I used Revlon matte blush in peach, no lipstick on in the pics... just some rosebud salve, but I topped that with some Pink Please Lipstick from Maybelline later on.


  1. You make every color look flawless. I love this for a simple look...

  2. Very pretty look! I like that purple!

  3. Thanks Phyrra... the pink sparkles are pretty!