Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi-Fi 100 proof eyes


Here is my first look using Hi-Fi cosmetics.  Out of the 3 colors I used on this look, only 1 was one that I chose for myself (100 proof, this was a half off shadow as its sadly being discontinued).  The other 2 were free samples included with the order.  I love free samples because they're free (LOL) and because they're like a little surprise of colors you might not have chosen for yourself, but often end up loving.  This is definitely the case with these beautiful colors.  I really like the way this came out, these colors are gorgeous and the texture is amazing. 

I'm not liking my foundation in these pics (revlon photo ready), think I'm going back to my old routine of MAC MSF natural.  The photo ready looks better IRL, really bad in pics... go figure.

Color descriptions are taken from HiFi's etsy store, with the exception of ballad.

I used:
Aromaleigh eyeshadow primer
HiFi Ballad on inner corners (about 1/3)- (I couldn't find this color in their etsy store but I'd describe it as the palest green with beautiful shimmer)

HiFi 100 proof middle of lid, blended into Ballad, almost to edge of eye- (100 PROOF is a bright neon green that is fabulous!!! )

HiFi Boom Shaka Laka applied to edge of eye, V and into crease.. and along lower lashline (BOOM SHAKA LAKA is a vivid gold-green with lots of emerald glitter! Unique and beautiful!!!)

NYX black, the tiniest amount, to deepen V and lower lashline (matte black)... then buffed some more of the Boom Shaka Laka on top of it to blend it out

I used a clinique off white color on my brow bone... not sure of the name.
Ben Nye cake liner
CG lashblast

I only used 1 brush today for the majority of the application- my Sonia Kashuk small shader brush.  I did a little bit of blending at the upper edge of the greens with my MAC 224.

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Nectar

Lips are Revlon Colorstay Ultimate in Prized Peach- this stayed on allllll day

I rarely do head on straight shots, 'cause I normally get the big eye little eye thing from the flash... and it makes my nose look bigger lol.

The next color I want to try out is Arsonist, its the 2nd form the left on the bottom row pictured below.  Any ideas on what to pair it with?  I'm thinking yellowy gold on inner corner and some matte brown in outer V.


Thanks for looking!!


  1. Thanks Phyrra, that 100 proof is insanely pretty!!

  2. Stunning! Boom Shaka Laka is just perfect :D

  3. Thanks Nea, it really is, and such a fun name too hee hee

  4. Soo pretty. I have a couple of these colours coming. Can't wait to get them and try them out. :-)

  5. Greeeeeeeeeeeeen! Yeah I'm creative with my comments :P

    How ironic is it that everybody says Photo Ready is crap in photos and looks better irl. They really should change the name or formula or something -_-

  6. Thanks gals!

    Blix- can't wait to see your FOTDs

    Silhouette- it is kinda funny isn't it... It does have a lovely finish IRL, on camera I just look... I dunno.. off somehow. I think the flash reacts badly with the slight shimmer in it. Weird.

  7. Sorry I am gonna be totally out of the make up thing, but have you ever tried to be a brunette ??? You'd be stunning with that porcelein skin and those green eyes ! For the Revlon HD, I am on the edge too, sometimes I found it's gorgeous, the other day it looks like It did nothing to improve my skin ....Weird !

  8. Hi MUA!! I have considered it and would love to try it, like a really deep brown... almost black. The color I have now is actually much darker than I usually am and it has me thinking of doing it. I'm a bit scared to committ though, as I'm pretty sure it would be so difficult to get out. As for the foundation, yeah I really loved it at first... still on the fence.