Sunday, January 24, 2010

Earthy Teal

Aromaleigh's Myrtha is a lovely smokey tealish shade with very earthy undertones.  Today I wanted a warm smokey look with some color, so I built a look around this color.  I paired it with some neutral mattes and really like the way it came out.  I think by layering Myrtha on top of some smudged out black shadow, you can really amplify the gorgeousness of it!

I also wanted to mention how much I really love Prestige waterproof pencil liners.  They apply smoothly and are quite smudgeable, yet stay put once set.  They are quite similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils and can be found at Rite Aid and Walgreens for about $5.  I actually reach for my prestige pencil way more than my UD zero!

I used:
UDPP as base
Aromaleigh Latte in crease (matte midtone neutral/warm brown)
Aromaleigh Ebony on outer corners (matte black)
Aromaleigh Myrtha all over lid (The rich deep blue green of night with an earthy base. Gorgeous dramatic blue-green highlight shimmer. Apply wet for high drama, dry for softer effect. Plush matte base with sheen highlight.)
I used a too light foundation sample on my brow to highlight and blend
Ben Nye Cake liner in black
Cover Girl lashblast
Prestige waterproof liner in black on waterlines

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Verve

Step by Step:
  • After priming lids, used Mac 217 to apply Latte to crease
  • Using a Mac 219, applied Ebony to the outer corners of my eyes, first drawing a line extending out from my lower lashline towards the outer end of my brows.  I then dragged it inward forming a wedge shape along the outer upper lashline, dragging it then across the entire lashline... thinnest on the inner corners.  Using the 217 again, I smudged this black shadow out.  You could also do this by applying a piece of tape and smudging the black shadow inward, keeping it thickest at the outer edges of your eyes. 
  • Using a small Sonia Kashuk shader brush, I patted Myrtha all over the lid, starting on the inner corners then working towards the outer.  I blended this into the crease color and patted it on top of the black.
  • Go back with the 219 and ebony and deepen the black as needed
  • Using a Mac 224 I applied some mineral foundation to my brow area for a natural highlight, using it o blend any harsh edges
  • Used 219 to smudge some ebony along lower lashes then smudged some myrtha on top of that
  • Applied Ben Nye cake liner with some aromaleigh sealant and a synthetic fine tipped liner brush, applied mascara and done!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Your blending is just perfect! I need to try this someday :D

  2. Thanks Nea!! You should see how Myrtha shimmers in the sunlight, its so pretty.

  3. oh wow!!! Very pretty and a amazing job...Love it...

  4. just suscribed ! Come and see my blog (nothing going on at the moment cause I spend all my time looking at other MUAS ....hum, hum)
    I was a big fan of your looks in Make up geek , so I'll be following you religiously over here ;-)

    Caro xxx