Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aromaleigh Pinks and Purples!!


This was yesterday's LOTD.   I purchased the entire sample set of Aromaleigh's Retro Hi Fi matte collection a while ago; I knew I would love them as I am always in search of matte shadows in exciting colors.   I like to combine textures and finishes in my looks, and usually reach for a matte or satin shade for the crease/outer V area.  This collection makes me so happy because the colors are vibrant, matte, nicely pigmented and from the ones I've swatched so far- not chalky at all.  Today I used Whats Shakin' in my crease and fell in love with the cool, midtoned purple shade.

The pics don't do a great job of relaying the colors, they were a bit deeper and more vibrant IRL.  Darn flash!!

Here is what I did:
  • Applied UDPP and a very scant and even layer of NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk from lashes to brow, with a slightly heavier application to the tear duct area
  • Using a MAC 217 brush, applied Aromaleigh Whats Shakin' to my crease.  I applied from the outer corner in to ensure that the heaviest depositing of color was on the outer edge of my eye.  I blended this at the upper edges.
  • Using a Sonia Kashuk small shader brush, I applied Aromaleigh Fan Club all over the lid up to the crease blending it into the Whats Shakin'
  • Using a pointed crease brush from Coastal scents (like the MAC 226), I applied Aromaleigh London Dungeon to the Outer V and brought it slightly into the crease
  • Picked up that 217 brush and blended the London Dungeon out using whatever Whats Shakin was left on the brush
  • Using the same Sonia Kashuk brush, I picked up a tiny but of Aromaleigh Peony and blended it into the outer edges of my lid and dragged it inward into the Fan club
  • Lined the lower lashline with a smudger brush and some London Dungeon
  • Using the same shader brush, wiped clean, applied Aromaleigh Moon to the tear duct area, dragging it slightly into the inner crease and lower lashline colors
  • Lined with Ben Nye Cake Liner, applied mascara... Done!
Eyeshadows- all Aromaleigh- What's Shakin' (retro matte), Fan Club (rocks), London Dungeon (rocks), Peony (Pure Hue... discontinued), Moon (pure hue ... discontinued)

Face- I used Revlon Photo Ready foundation and pressed powder.  On my cheeks is Aromaleigh Pomegranate applied very lightly.  Lips are MAC Slimshine in Long Stem Rose

Color Descriptions-
What's Shakin'- Cool toned purple, one tulle prom dress at a time.
Fan Club- Perfect high lustre pink with opalescent blue violet sheen.
London Dungeon- michievous purple glimmer reflects the depth of black. sealant/base recommended.
Peony- the Pure Hue collection is discontinued but this is a deep magenta
Moon- also disc., this is a high shimmer pure white

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Beautiful! What's shakin' looks so nice on you :)

  2. Pretty soft look. Great blending too. :-)

  3. So pretty. I love this look and I love your necklace. Is that one of those open hearts. I have an angel one...

  4. Thanks ladies! It is an open heart Krista :)

  5. Hi Nina! I just found out that you have a blog. I think that's great. Now I can go to one place to see all your pretty LOTD. And I really love this one. Fanclub is one of my favorite pinks and it looks fabulous on you. Especially with the purple matte. I haven't tried the Retro mattes yet but I do have a couple of samples. Maybe I should break them open already.

  6. Hey Robyn!!! Thanks so much! Yay, glad you found me!! I had the retro mattes sample forever beofre breaking into them, I just love them now. Really gorgeous.

  7. I'll see if I can find mine and use them soon. They're probably lost under this mess on my desk.

  8. Beautiful look! ^^
    I'm glad you made a blog, your looks are fabulous!