Monday, February 1, 2010

Aromaleigh Coral Pinks


Here is my rather bright FOTD.  I used one of the LE Angels shadws from aromaleigh, which retire on 2/6!!  The shade is called Rhinestone Housewife and it is insanely pretty.  It is an orangey coraly pink, a color that I don't generally gravitate towards... but I am surely going to try and snag a full size of this before its gone.  Paired with Zinnia from the Spring Solstice collection, the color is just amazing.

Here is what I used, all Aromaleigh:

Apricot Frost Indelible Cream Shadow as base
Rhinestone Housewife- The completed shade Rhinestone Housewife is a softly frosted vivid orange-fuchsia with a magenta highlight and some sparks of pink.
Zinnia- So unique, this vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence
Oyster- Matte off white
Dandelion- A soft, yet vibrant pale yellow, with subtle gleams of gold.
Umber- The darkest Brown black, completely matte

I think I could've chosen a better color to deepen the V... Blending the Umber into these colors was difficult.  A matte burnt red wouldve worked well.... I still like the way it turned out, especially the way the Zinnia and the Rhinestone work together :)

Ben Nye Cake Liner

Cheeks are NYX Stone, very very lightly applied (I've had this a while, but never used it.  The color is not something I thought I'd like, but applied sparingly is quite nice) ... with some MAC MSF in light flush dusted on top

Foundation is MAC MSF Natural

  • Applied apricot frost cream shadow to lid to just above crease using my finger
  • Used a small shader brush to apply Rhinestone Housewife to the inner and outer part of my lid, patting it on top of base and blending to just above my crease and leaving the very center part of my lid blank
  • Using the same shader brush, I patted some Zinnia to the center part of my lid, staying below crease and gently blending it in to RH
  • Used a 219 pencil brush, I lightly drew in some definition in my outer V with Umber and then blended that out with some RH and a crease/blender brush
  • Used a large fluffy shader brush to apply Oyster to my brow, using that to soften the edges of the color
  • Applied Dandelion to the tear duct area and under the arch of my brow

Look, a bright lippie!!!!!!!  (MAC lipliner in cranapple applied all over lips with some NYX Harmonica on top)

Below: No flash

And, with a lighter lippie.......
( MAC Cute-ster from the Hello Kitty collection)


  1. Thanks Phyrra!! I got my sample order the other day and knew RH had to be used right away... Zinnia was also in this order, and I love the 2 together. I need a FS of both.

  2. I simply adore this look :) I've been too scared to try corals and oranges but this is just so pretty that I want to try it.

  3. Hi Nina, great look! I tend to be scared off by corals too....which is funny because when I was a teen that was all I wanted to wear! LOL....rhinestone housewife goes great with zinnia!

  4. wonderful, loving the color combination!
    the lips look gorgeous on you. I don't think i'd ever seen you with bright lips, but keep it up, they look amazing!

  5. Silhouette- def give it a try, I loved it on myself and its my first look using orangey colors. Thanks!

    Thia- Thanks! Coral is surprisingly wearable!

    MissTat- Thanks! I'm defintely a lipstick wimp he he, I'm slowing branching out though

  6. I love this. Very pretty and I love the liner. You apply it so well.

  7. Thanks Krista! The cake liner applies so effortlessly... Just love it!

  8. Beautiful combination. I'm no longer afraid to check out RH as a lid color as I have green eyes as well.

  9. Ooh very pretty! I normally don't like coral colours but this is lovely!

  10. Hum I don't own a coral coral...What am I to do ???? this gap in my collection cannot be left like that ;-))))

    Oh I am not a huge fan of bright lips but I love it , it ties the look together. You know, I am not sure but I think I have this Harmonica from NYX (how sad this is , I am not even sure...I should register again for a project 10 pans !!!!)

    Caro xxx

  11. Wow! I think I need to try coral too someday :D

    I tagged you:

  12. Thanks all!!

    MUA- I find the coral to be surprisingly flattering. Harmonica is actually quite light, but the liner was really bright... I liked the combo of the 2 colors.

  13. I love this...and your hair color too.

  14. Hm... I always love your looks so I was thinking that maybe you could send some of your AL EOTD to be featured at AL's blog?
    'Cause I think your looks are really inspiring!

  15. Thanks so much Cacau!!! :) Maybe I will :)