Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aromaleigh Smokey Neutrals


I am back to blonde!  These pics are also taken with my Motorola Droid - I am house and dog  sitting for my parents while they are in Finland and didn't bring my camera with me.  I only live 15 minutes away but we have been getting burried in snow all day, so I decided to stay put :)  My camera needs replacing anyway, really distorts all colors and just all around sucks.  I think this camera more accurately portrays colors, although the abundance of sunshine before the storm rolled in kinda washed out the pics.   Anyway, here is a smokey neutral look using all aromaliegh shadows.

I used:
Bare Necessity cream shadow as base- applied from lash to brow with finger
Aromaleigh Oyster (matte off white) applied with fluffly brush to the brow bone
Aromaleigh Chocolat (matte mid tone brown) applied to crease with MAC 217 brush
Aromaleigh Umber (matte deepest brown) to deepen crease also with mac 217
Aromaleigh Ebony (matte black) to deepen crease further with angle fluff brush, then blended out with MAC 224
Aromaleigh Dandelion (frosty pale yellow) patted to lid with SK small shadow brush
Rimmed lower lashline with Ebony and a 219 brush
Prestige waterproof liner in black on waterlines
Ben Nye Cake liner with Aromaleigh sealant and a fine tipped synthetic liner brush
Cover Girl Lashblast

Cheeks are Aromaleigh Verve applied lightly
Lips are MAC cute-ster

Thanks for looking!

What camera do you gals use and love?


  1. Hi Nina, I love you blonde. I'm going back to blonde tomorrow and I'm very excited. This matte brown look is very pretty on you. It lets your green eyes (they are green, right?) be the star of the look.

  2. I think you look lovely blonde and I think your blending looks PERFECT!

  3. I love the blonde hair :) you're so lucky that you can rock light and dark shades.

    This is so pretty, and your blending skillz always amaze me. Just wondering, do you have oily or dry lids? I was contemplating buying that Bare Necessity indelible creme shadow but I dont want to if it's just going to crease on my mega oily lids :(

    I sympathise with you on the camera issue, mine doesnt take good photos unless its in direct sunlight >_<

  4. Hi Nina, the blonde looks awesome, as does your look! :D I use a polaroid's pretty good for the price, I think I paid $70 for it!

  5. Thanks Ladies!
    Robyn- it seems I always go back to blonde, can't wait to see your newly blonde hair! Yes, they're green

    Phyrra- Thanks so much!

    Silhouette- Thanks! I'm usually a blonde, the brown was a fluke lol. I don't actually have oily lids but the indelible makes a great base for most people. I feel like they have better staying power than the mac paint pots.

    Thia- thanks, I stray from Blonde at times but always seem to return. :)

  6. thanks Krista! Thanks Demoness!

  7. Oh you look gorgeous as a paler blonde ! I was blonde back in the time but my hair is so naturally black that I had to go through weird phases before achieving the right color...Have you seen you're approaching 50 followers (woot woot to you !!! )

    Caro xxx

  8. Thanks MUA!!!! Yippeee for 46 subscribers!!