Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lots and lots of snow!

Living in the Catskills in NY, we get our fair share of winter weather.  This year, we were missed by most of the storms which were hitting just south of us.  Very unusual being that we are usually the hardest hit.  this week, we were hit with back to back storms for a total of 4 1/2 feet.  I was snowed in for 2 days waiting for someone to come plow out the driveway.  They ended up bringing a tractor in here with a bucket loader to dig me out being that the driveway is long and has a little bridge going over a stream. I also happen to be house/animal sitting for my parent's and their brood of dogs, ducks, peacocks, chickens, goats and cats so it was a heck of a week.  The poor peacocks were in the back of the barn, and it took me till today to get into them.  Knowing that the storm was coming, and that i might be unable to reach them, I loaded them up with extra water and food.  I am happy to report that they are doing just fine... I however, am sore and tired from digging.  I have not seen a storm like this for a very long time. Below are some pics of the snow!

That's Baron, loving the snow

This is Sisu, who ran away for an hour in the blizzard
Seriously, this little guy ran for hours in the snow.  It was like he was swimming and all I could see was his little nose peeking out for air.

My car is somewhere in there, this was the pic I sent informing work that I would not be making it in :)  This was early in the AM and the snow continued on all day.


  1. O_O I want snow.

    I hope all the peacocks and animals aren't getting too chilly!

  2. I wish it snowed where I live! :-)

    I know they are really great glosses! Glad you like them! I think I want to go get the nude one now too! :-)

  3. We have had our share of snow too. LOL

    And Sisu, what a cute name :D Very Finnish!

  4. SS- the snow is very pretty, but I am very ready for some spring weather and some green. The animals are keeping toasty inside the barn, it's actually now in the 30's, which is warmer than they are used to for this time of the year :)
    LipglossGossip- I do love the glosses, I'm def heading over to rite aid today!
    Nea- Yes, my parents are on their way back from finland today... I've heard the snow is plentiful over there right now. Sisu definitely describes this dog's personality. :)

  5. I was bitching about our 1.5" of snow (Ohio). Ha, I would be in a corner, rocking myself if I ever got that much.

  6. hahaha Demoness, yep... I was by myself too, power was on and off and I was going crazy. I felt so trapped, waiting for rescue and also guilty for missing 2 days of work. After a couple tearful breakdowns, i opened up a bottle of wine and just went with it. :)