Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wet n' Wild Lust Palette Smoky Plum Eyes

The WnW Lust palette has long been a favorite of mine.  It has some amazingly pigmented mattes that have become staples for me in my makeup routine.  See post here for pics.  The midtone matte purple, is a perfect dupe for MAC's fig.1 shadow.  The deeper matte purple works in place of MAC's Shadowy Lady.  The light cream with sparkles is an AMAZING highlight shade, which I won't even compare to MAC Vanilla as it blows it away.  I've done numerous looks with the matte purples in the crease, but have never used them as all over lid colors because i tend to go for shimmer on the lid, matte in the crease.  Today's look uses the matte shades only, and I tossed a shimmery Aromaleigh shadow to brighten up the tear ducts.  This look made my green eyes super green.

MAC Painterly PP all over eye space as primer
(Scotch tape for crisp edges)
WnW Lust Palette - Midtone matte purple patted all over center of lid, blended just into the ouetr edge of eye leaving inner 1/3 of lid clear
Dark matte purple on outer corners of eyes blended into mid tone purple
Matte cream with sparkles on inner 1/3 blended into mid tone purple, and on brow bone
ELF Palette matte-ish raspberry shade, with fluffy brush to blend out edges of other colors in crease
Aromaleigh Lavande on top of other shadow n inner 1/3 of lid (palest shimmery lavender)
All colors repeated on lower lashline
Physician's Formula Lash Boosting Serum liquid liner on upper lashline

Cheeks NYX Terracotta blush 
Lips Maybelline Pink Please

How crazy green do my eyes look here?


  1. Your green eye popped in this smokey plum eye make up! Great post Ms. Nina! :) I'm so jealous because you're pro already! :( I'm so lame in putting make up. Hihi. :D

  2. I agree, this really brings out the green in your eyes!