Friday, October 8, 2010

I love purple LOTD

here is my LOTD using my go to favorite color- purple :)

Bare Necessity indelible cream shadow as base
WnW Lust palette- medium matte purple (outer V), dark matte purple (to deepen V), shimmery off white (highlight)
WnW Vanity palette- lightest shimmery gold (inner lid)
MAC Beautiful Iris (lid)
Ben Nye Cake liner

Lips are Rimmel Airy Fairy  Cheeks are Benefit Coralista

Thanks for looking!


  1. Gorgeous color combo! lovely look!

  2. Beautiful! I've been wanting to try something like this since I got the Lust palette. I'm not sure if I could execute it as beautifully as you did, though! :)

    Don't you love Airy Fairy? I could seriously wear that every single day and be just fine with it.

  3. Very very nice! I wanna try a look like this tomorrow!!

  4. very pretty. ive gotta learn to blend like this XD

  5. OOOOh so so PRETTY! jealous of ur eyeliner skills.


  6. Very pretty!! I have the lust palette on the way so will have to try it with Fyrinnae Herbivore on the lid.

  7. thanks so much ladies!! Femputer, I do love airy fairy- it is my I don't want to think match with anything lip color :)

  8. love purple and you make it look AWE.....SOME!!

  9. I have those W and W palette for a week now and I've been using them every single day ....Sorry to ask the question again but do you have the blue and the peach one and if so : are they worth it ?

    Your blending skills leave me speachless...

    Caro xxx

  10. pretty.....i wish i could do eyelining like you do...i just cant master that cat eye..

  11. Beautiful Iris is beautiful (lol) on you :)

  12. Thanks dear ladies!!!!

    Zombie- thanks so much love!

    Caro- so sorry, thought I answered that he he- I didn't get the peach but do have the green but have yet to play with it. Since my face is shower fresh at the moment, today will be the day and I will let you know! :)

    Krista- thanks!! but each day the liner is just slightly different... I want to master the art of consistency :)

    SS- I just picked up beautiful iris and it is really quite gorgeous although a bit sheer. I do love it though :)

  13. Gorgeous look, it love the purple and the liner is awesome.