Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wet N Wild Pride (blue green palette)

hi ladies!!

Dear sweet Caro from MUA has been curious about the green and blue WnW palette so I finally decided to try mine out.  This palette contains 3 shimmery shades- frosty white, shimmery midtoned green and a deep shimmering navy.  It also has 3 matte shades- pure white, midtoned bright green and a deep navy.  I am quite happy with all of the colors with the exception of the shimmery white- it is just way to sheer and applies patchy with chunky glitter fallout.  The rest of the colors are fantastic :)  I will swatch them all for you soon!

Here is my look of the day using the Wet N Wild Pride palette:

Bare Necessity Indelible Cream Shadow as base
Matte white from palette on inner corners (wanted to use the shimmery white for this, but it didn't apply well)
Shimmery Green all over lid and on inner lower lashline
Matte green on crease/outer V
Matte Navy blue to deepen Outer V
Black kohl liner smudged along lower lashline
Shimmery navy from palette smudged over black liner
Matte off white from Vanity palette as highlight
Ben Nye cakeliner on upper lashline

Cheeks are NYX Peach, Lips are Bare Escentual Buxom Big and Healthy lipstick in London

Thanks for looking!!


  1. You're such a sweetheart to publish this ! I'll try to find this palette and the peach one this week now that I've seen it's the same quality as the other (minus the sheer shimmery white ...) I found it weird that they associated greens and blues in the same palette, this is not a combo that I'll tend to wear ....but Dang, Was I WRONG !
    I am officially absolutely jealous of your hair. Did you chop it lately ? It looks amazing and this light blond color is so beautiful !


    Caro xxx

  2. youre very welcome Caro :) Please let me know how you like the peach one, they were out of that one when I picked up the others at 50% off. Thanks for the compliments on my hair- it has not been cut in a very long time and I'm liking the longer length. Next time I do get a cut, I will opt for the smallest of trims to just clean it up. The blonde is from a box- Revlon colorsilk of all things!! The cheapest dye in the drugstore and it is my HG stuff :) Thanks!!

  3. Oh so lovely!!! I like the matte white on the inner corner of the eye. It looks really nice!!!

  4. It's beautiful! Your hair looks very nice in these pics too, if I may say so. :-}

  5. I like how the look turned out! It's pretty. I had wondered about that palette.

  6. I love the WnW looks you've been posting! I'm going to have to try those palettes out for myself.

  7. Cool colour combo :D it looks epic with your eye colour

  8. thanks ladies~! As for the hair, I actually styled it this day where usually i let it dry naturally. I blow dryed and flat ironed and it does make a huge difference :) Thanks!

    Robyn- the palettes are worth checking out, especially if you can find them on sale. They all have some really great mattes and shimmer shades- each has a staple shade as well :)

  9. Oh so pretty! The blending is incredible! Great look!

  10. Very pretty! I love your hair too! :)