Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aromaleigh Brown Sugar

What a prettttyyyy color.  I took advantage of the 35% off rocks shadows at Aromaleigh and picked up a bunch of colors in F/S that I had earlier sampled.  One of the colors I got is Brown Sugar, it is such a lovely rosey neutral with gorgeous  green sparkles.

Here is what I used:

Monistat chafing gel to prime
MAC strobe cream
MAC studio fix powder in C2
Benefit Coralista blush
Lips are NYX liner in natural and MAC Shy Girl lipstick

Bare Necessity Cream shadow as base
MAC soft brown to in crease
Aromaleigh Brown sugar applied with damp brush to lid
Aromaleigh Willow to outer V/crease and outer lower lashline
Aromaleigh Googoomuck on lower lashline and waterline
Aromaleigh Alchemy on inner corners
Aromaleigh Oyster on brow bone and to soften edges of color
Gold Bliss gel liner on upper lashline
Ben Nye cake liner in black, very thinly on upper lashline

Color Descriptions:
Brown Sugar- sugary sweet rosy brown with green and blue shimmers. blacklight reactive
GooGoomuck- smooth but subtly shimmering greenish yellow.
Willow- A deep yellowish greenish brown (matte)
Alchemy-Shimmery white with coppery iridescence

Thanks for looking!


  1. very pretty, I love two tone make ups :)

  2. So pretty! Love the gold liner on top! :-)

  3. I like how you kinda have liner on liner. Very unique and pretty :)

  4. This looks stellar.
    How do you like the Ben Nye cake liner? I've used the MAC one way back when & I kind of miss it.

  5. Oh I love this on you...so pretty....I have heard about using monistat for primer...how do you like it?

  6. I love this look! The shadow colors especially seem to pull out other colors in your eyes. (Are they naturally hazel? They look - at least on my computer - predominately blue, but with brown, green, and violet in there, too. Gorgeous!)

  7. I love this look Nina....the liners pop! :D

  8. Ooh beautiful! I just got a sample of brown sugar, can't wait to try it :) I LOVE the green under your eye!

  9. Thanks ladies!

    Heather- I originally planned to do just the gold, but thought the lashes needed some more definition and added the black. I think it gave a cool effect.. Thanks!

    Demoness- I LOVE the BN cake liner, I used to only use gel liners and now will never go back. The cake liner applies smoothly, stays all day yet still removes very easily. I apply with aromaleigh sealant... Thanks!

    Krista- the monistat works well as a primer gives a very smooth surface and helps to minimize appearance of pores and dry patches.

    Kaye- thanks! My eyes are mostly green but do have days where they are more blue :)

    Thanks for all the comments all! :)

  10. I have brown sugar in a sample. It's so pretty although I've only used it once! I really like the green on the lower lash line. You look lovely. :-D

  11. Thanks Phyrra, Thanks Blix- I'd love to see one of your creations using brown sugar!

  12. lillian- i think you'll love brown sugar, the iridescence in it is beautiful... so much prettier IRL

  13. this look is sooo pretty, i like the idea of such a natural top with a pop of colour underneath the eye ... so cute!cute blog .. gonna follow ... love it if you followed mine http://princessboo88.blogspot.com/ xxx

  14. This look is beautiful with your eyes!