Thursday, March 25, 2010

NYX Blues and Curls


I had the day off yesterday, which meant I had time to play.  After curling my hair using my flat iron, I busted out some long neglected NYX shadows and created this dramatic blue, smokey eye.

I used:
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk
NYX White  on inner corners (matte white)
NYX Halaiwa next to white (satin finish baby blue)
NYX Irises next (vibrant satin finish tealy blue)
NYX Black in outer V, crease, along lower lash line
NYX Atlantic to blend edges between black and Irises, and blended into black on lower lashline (shimmery deep blue)
Black liquid liner

Lips are NYX Black Label in Heiress


  1. Wow, I love this. You make blue sexy.

  2. Your hair looks GORGEOUS, dude!

    You make me want to bust out the blue eyeshadow :)

  3. LOVE the look! Awesome hair too! LOL every time I tell people I curl my hair with my flat iron they look at me funny....but I'm a stylist so it's all good. I curled my dd's hair with it for her first communion. No one believed that it wasn't a curling iron.

  4. I really love this...I love how you always make nyx colors look so high pretty...your hair is pretty too....

  5. Happy belated birthday, hon' ! I sport the same exact look today !!!

    Caro xxx

  6. Thanks ladies!
    SS- thank you, I think i figured out the whole flat iron curling thin. Can't wait to try it again. :)

    Thia- this was my first attempt at flat iron curling, its so much fun and the curls last all day.

    Krista- Thanks!! I swear most of my NYX shadows beat out my mac in terms of pigmentation and texture :)

    MUA- yay, I guess your eyelids are healing up from allergies :) thanks

    Janet- thanks!!

    Thanks all!

  7. beautiful as always and i love the hair!

  8. Blue can be a difficult colour to pull off but I'd never have thought that while looking at your makeup! So pretty and perfectly blended. The curls look gorgeous too!

  9. this is a very beautiful look. i love nyx products ^_^

    by the way, im a new follower.

  10. Yay! Thanks for following Becky! Thanks for the comment, I love NYX stuff too :)

  11. This look is beautiful! Love the blue! Your amazing! :-)

  12. thanks for the tag Klaudia!

    Thank you Naiyana :)

  13. wow i cant pull off blues but you look so gorgeous with it :)

  14. Cute blog! I love all the colorful eye looks you do. This blue look is beautful! It really brings out your eyes. I don't have any NYX eyeshadows, or any other NYX products for that matter...what do you think of them? I'm thinking of placing an order soon...

    I'd love for you to check out my blog!

  15. thanks tiffany!! I love NYX products, i have a few of the blushes, a ton of shadows and some lipsticks. They are all really good quality :)