Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fyrinnae- Wearable Yellow and Orange

super super excited!  My fyrinnae order arrived (in under 2 weeks!!!) and I am in awe of the sparkly goodness.  I have been trying to break my rut of purple and teal, so I decided to do my first fyrinnae look using yellow and orange.  It was sooo very difficult to not reach for the beautiful teals and purples which pretty much made up the rest of my order.... my resolve will not hold up long.

To me, this combo seems surprisingly wearable.  The colors are gorgeous and vibrant without being over the top and paired with the brown I definitely would rock this look to work.  My original intention was to pair this with a deep magenta pink in the outer corner, but opted for the brown at the last moment.  To me it kinda resembles a monarch butterfly :)

I used:
Milk jumbo pencil as base from lashes to brow
All Fyrinnae unless noted:
Banana Mochi on inner half of lid and inner lower lashline (Softly shimmery, almost frosted light golden yellow.)
Electro Koi  on rest of lid, blended into yellow (Vibrant orange that's loaded with coordinating sparkle.)
Ultrasuede applied to outer V and into crease and along lower lashline ( Matte, velvety deep charcoal brown. Great for smokey looks and eyeliner.)

NYX Chrome eyeshadow -Orange Blended between electro koi and ultrasuede
Ben Nye Toast on brow bone 
Rimmel Kohl Liner in White on waterline

(Ultrasuede is amazing.  I love matte shadows and this one does not disappoint.  It is such a perfect shade of brown and its blendability is amazing.  The texture is lush and almost satiny... the pigmentation is amazing. )

My handsome rottweiler, he appears to be being swallowed by the couch.
Thanks so much for looking!!


  1. Beautiful! It's fun to explore outside of our comfort zones. I'm like you, I love my teals and purples. Must been a green eyed girl thing. I'd been eyeballing Banana Mochi but now I want Ultrasuede too. LMAO

  2. yeah, i won't stop till i have them all..... and the lippies OMG, I'm about to go apeshit at fyrinnae :) Thanks!!!

  3. That's so pretty! Normally I think of the 1970's/Cleveland Browns when the words "brown" and "orange" are hanging out with each other, but this is verrah nice.
    My boyfriend's mother has a couple of rotties; yours looks a LOT like her youngest one.

  4. Waaaah!! You have a rottie? I love rotties. I've had three, they hold a soft spot in my heart.

    The blending is phenomenal. I agree, Ultrasuede is superb. I used to use it all the time.

  5. he he heee thanks mango... the brown kinda gets bronzey as it blends with the orange... I likes it :)

  6. demoness i love my rottie, he is such a gentle giant. love when he wags his stumpy little butt he he. Thanks so much!! :)

  7. Haha. That's so true, they just wiggle in excitement. I always forget some dogs have long tails till I'm getting whacked by them or they're banging them against something.

  8. Oh god, I've just been reminded of my childhood where my cat used to kill monarchs D: LOL

    This is so pretty though! I've tried to pair orange with bronze and it looked muddy and crap on camera, so I just may try again <3

  9. wow amazing!! :) i'm now hooked & following

  10. SS- awww, my cats kill everything they possibly can he he. thanks!!

    Eva- yay and thanks so much!

  11. Beautiful! And fueling my Fyrinnae lust. :)

    Your rottie is so cute!

  12. This is really a new kind of look for you ...and guess what ? I love it. It reminds me of a look Panacea did on her channel but color placement was different. The kind of colors I never use are greens ...I don't know why!

    Caro xxx
    PS : your dog is so beatiful. I like big dogs so much !

  13. that's really pretty and I think suit for the autumn??
    but if I might ask, what is fyrinnae look btw? I am still a dumbos in make up.. hehehe

  14. thanks kathy, and yeahhhh my love for fyrinnae has just begun!!

    Thanks Caro!! It is different than my usual he he... can't wait to dig into the rest of the clors!

    Tann, thanks! fyrinnae is a makeup company (fyrinnae(dot)com) soooo many amazing colors and you get very generous samples for $2 each :)

  15. Yay for Fyrinnae order! Love the colours you used...although there is nothing wrong with teals and purples! Plus they look great on you so I certainly don't mind. :-D
    Your blending always looks so perfect.

  16. yeahhhh , im itching for some purple and teal as I've boycotted them for days lol. Thanks Blix!

  17. So beautiful, very wearable. I like it a lot :D

    Your dog is cute <3

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland