Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soft Gold with Aromaleigh


Today I tried out some of the manual settings on my new camera and after sorting through the pics, I am actually starting to grasp some of the differences between the shots. It is cloudy and gloomy here today, so I used the flash but adjusted the shutter speed and ISO settings to try and prevent any wash out of color.  I think a bit of trial and error and I'll have the camera down pat.  Here is a FOTD using mostly Aromaleigh with a bit of TKB.

I used:
Bare Necessity indelible cream shadow as base
Aromaleigh Awe on lid ( A sparkling lush golden khaki shade. Divinely unique)
Aromaleigh Slate in crease (matte light taupe)
Aromaleigh Smokin' in outer V (smoked mauve with earthy tones, set your stare on fire.)
Ben Nye Toast on brow bone (matte off white)
TKB Grape Pops on lower lashline  (shimmery true purple)
Bn Nye Black cake liner on upper lash line

Lips are NYX Gloss- LaLa
Cheeks are NYX Pinky

In these last couple of pics, you can't see the shimmer of the lid color... perhaps set the ISO too low?


  1. Your new-camera pics are amazing, and really making me want to sit down and "figure out" my camera, too. Wow!

    I love this look. I keep meaning to get samples from AL's Elemental Lustre collection, and I keep forgetting. Awe is sooooo pretty!

  2. Thanks Kathy!! Yeah the ELs are alll so pretty and I barely reach for my samples, I dunno why. I like pairing them with mattes, just creates a nice balance. BTW, on Specktra there is a great post about how to adjust your camera settings to take better make up pics. Check it out :


  3. This is gorgeous! <3 Thanks for that link!


  4. love this look!
    I love combining a neutral eye with a bright colour on the bottom :)

  5. Thanks Nea and you're welcome!

    Thanks Anca!! I love it too, my favorite way to sneak in some color ;)

  6. The lower lashline color is gorgeous and I dig the subtle shimmer.

  7. Woooo Grap Pop looks gorgeous <3 I used to be in love with photography, but now I dont even bother with adjusting my camera settings manually, I'm so lazy. D:

  8. Thanks Zombie, Thanks SS! :) Grape pop is an amazingly pretty purple.

  9. Such beautiful make-up! Love that pop of purple!

  10. thank you Anastacia!! The TKB grape pop is like the shimmery mineral cousin of MUFE #92... and the sample has sooooo much in it I will never run out! :)

  11. Love it! the purple on the lower lash line is the perfect touch of colour to bring this look alive. :-D