Monday, April 12, 2010

NYX Black Label Lipstick Swatches

I've been kinda raving lately about the Black Label Lipsticks from NYX, so I have decided to share some swatches with you all.  I have a preference for creamy mattes (like MAC's amplified cremes) and so I was careful to review and choose the colors accordingly.  Not an easy task when ordering from NYX because they provide no written descriptions and their swatches are never close to reality.  I found Makeup Alley to be really helpful and I think I chose some really great colors!  All are creamy mattes with the exception of one, Orchid, which I would describe as more like MAC's cremesheen in that it has a bit of a lustre to it.   In the pics below, the lipstick is freshly applied, without any liner or lip primer.  I find after a few minutes, the colors all really set nicely and lose a bit of their sheen while still remaining soft and moisturizing.

Without further ado:

L to R: Heiress, India, Nude

L to R: Bling, Diva, Orchid







Disclaimer: the degree of smile on my lips in no way indicates a preference to a particular color :)

so, with the exception of Orchid, they are all nudes of varying degrees.  I like nudey lipsticks!  The color called Nude looks amazing with a swipe of creamy pink gloss (like NYX's Beige for example) over top!  A reviewer on MUA described Nude as a cross between MAC's Shy Girl and Creme d'Nude, I would have to agree.

So... what are some of your favorite nude lippies?


  1. Ohhh Nina you're right I love a lot of those! Nude definitely looks like a cross between Creme D'Nude and Shy girl.....

    My fave the moment anything MAC. Blankety is tied for my absolute fave with honeylove and Myth.

  2. I absolutely cannot wear nudes (or I haven't found the right one for me yet ?). I tried Gosh darling lately and I looked like a corpse ! The closer to nude I can go is very soft pinks as Airy Fairy or Power(NYX)....I like very much Orchid but it looks much more purply on me (like a dupe of Night Violet mattene)
    Ouh, and I love your hair at the moment (from previous posts ..)

    Caro xxx

  3. Thia- I figured you'd like 'em, being the MAC nude queen that you are

    MUA- i hated nudes on myself too but I think you just have to find the right one. I love Airy Fairy as well ;)

  4. LOL that's totally me......

    Hey count me into the Airy Fairy lover club, I used to wear that one all the time......but MUA, I think you're right, you just have to find the right one.

  5. For favorite nude lippies:
    Aromaleigh Sweet
    Urban Decay Naked
    Silk Naturals XXX
    Revlon Matte in Nude Attitude

    I really love the Nyx Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink.

  6. Orchid is HOT, and I also love the look of India and Nude :D

  7. Phyrra- I have to check out Hot Pink :)

    SS and Blix- Orchid is even prettier IRL, more opaque with a quite apparent violet duochrome

  8. Love these colours! India, Nude and Diva are my faves for everyday wear, and Orchid is stunning!

  9. lovee the nude colours! i personally love the Rimmel Nude Delight the best out of all the nude lipsticks that i've tried!

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