Sunday, May 2, 2010

CCO goodness

Yesterday I visited the CCO at the Woodbury Commons Outlets and picked up a few things.

Top row, L to R: MAC Sunset B. and MAC Warming Trend
Center: Estee Lauder Plum Pop shadow, MAC Blush- the perfect cheek
Bottom: MAC Naked piggie, MAC Holiday '09 mini  pigment set :)

I love love love Naked pigment, I had it in a sample and knew I wanted a FS.... so happy they had it in the original full size packaging (and for only $13.75!).  I'm kicking myself for not picking up the last jar of Tea Time they had.

The mini pigment set is awesome too, it includes a jar of reflects teal which I have been lusting after forever :)

The blush is a gorgeous pinky brown, matte, and is a perfect natural looking cheek definer.  Might become my new go-to blush.

The 2 mac shadows are both LE and I'm a sucker for all LE collections.  The Estee shadow is a lovely matte, muted plummy brown.  I've been looking for a shade like this.


  1. Great haulage Nina! I'm a sucker for LE's too. I don't have any piggies yet, but they're coming to the counters as regular products in June, so I'm sure I'll be stocking up then! :D

  2. i love my mac pigments, have a few full ones and a bunch of samples :)

  3. You are SO lucky to have CCOs, we have nothing like them here in the UK :(

  4. Yeah Eden, and to think I just discovered them recently. I have to drive quite a while to get to it but it is always worth the trip :) You guys have access to things we can't get though, like Sleek and Gosh ;)

  5. That blush really does look perfect :) and my eyes were immediately drawn to the pink vial (Fuchsia pigment?) ^_^

  6. it is indeed fuschia... the purple is grape, ligt pink kitchmas, then deep blue green and lastly... the gorgeous reflects teal *sighs*