Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Temptingly smudgy eye

For some reason, I find the simple and neutral looks the hardest to come up with.  It was one of those mornings, slept too late and had an early conference call so I thought... what goes well with a messy ponytail?  Smudgy semi smokey eyes!
So here is what I did in a big rush yesterday morning using 2 eye shadows and some kohl liner.  This is something I will keep in my repertoire for those rushed mornings, when I still want to apply some make up.  It is crazily simple, but I liked the results.  Tempting is a gorgeous color that I ignored for too long.

L'oreal le grand Kohl- Black to rim eyes, thicker on outer corners and then smudged out
MAC Tempting patted all over lid and blended to just above crease with a sigma 239 brush, and along lower lashline
Some face powder to blend out edges and on brow
NYX Barely There to highlight inner corners and under brow
A bit more kohl on lashline and waterline and some mascara, that's it!

L'oreal Studio Secrets primer
MAC Studio Fix powder- C2
Benefit Coralista Blush 
MAC Fix+  love this stuff, sets the studio fix powder to such a lovely satiny matte finish
 Lip Balm (though I swiped on some MAC Shy Girl on my drive in)

Ack! Excuse the rogue hairs

One with flash to show the shimmy shimmer of tempting:

So what are some of your favorite quick and easy eye combos?  I need to come up with some more staple looks for rushed, can't be bothered to think, mornings ;)


  1. Really nice and soft, love it xoxo

  2. Lovely!

    I find myself doing single color washes when I'm rushed, particularly with Silk Naturals' Sari. It seems to go with just about everything, and it's not a boring light brown at all, so I don't feel too blah.

  3. Thanks ladies! Tempting is such a pretty color, it does need need much messing with

  4. Kathy- I need to check out Sari, and silk naturals as a whole.... Thanks!!

  5. Wow, love your eyes, I just checked out all your posts. Awesome!

  6. I love how it's darkened at the edges of your eyes and fades inward... gorgeous!

  7. This is so pretty! You always do the best eye makeup! I love simple smokey eyes :)

  8. oh nina! the eyes are awesome. thanks for entering my giveaway! i will draw a winner over the weekend as the contest ends May 14. I've added more fashion posts too (you can find clothes from my european vacation on my paris and london posts--stuff from H&M and Primark) so check it out!


  9. Holy crap, for something so simple and smokey, it looks amazingly polished :D

    And I've expressed my love for Tempting before <3

  10. I agree with you on neutral looks. They are difficult to come up with when you like using vibrant colours. Looks very pretty though!

  11. I totally feel you on the neutral eyes being difficult! I like the semi-smoky look you did. I need to try something like this :)

  12. Thanks Blix, thanks Phyrra! This method has become my rushed morning routine, just using different colors. Today I did it with HiFi Bad Seed smudged over top of a black kohl pencil. :)