Sunday, May 2, 2010

MAC naked teal


This morning I decided to put some of my new haulage to good use, well at least the naked pigment.  Naked is a beautiful, semi shimmery, skin tone color.  It has such a beautiful finish and is maybe a shade or so darker than my skin tone.  It is a lovely lid color for a neutral look, but today I decided to pair it with some teal. If my liner looks a little funky in some of the pics, its 'cause my eyelid has a weird dry patch going on right along the lashline of my left eye... i think i need to stay away from the new cosmetic wipes i have been using.... or at least be a bit gentler when i use them.

I used:
Bare Necessity Indelible cream shadow as base
MAC Naked pigment lid and brushed up to brow on inner corner
MAC Gulf Stream in outer V/blended inwards onto lid and up a bit towards brow (frosty teal)
MAC Plumage to deepen V and along lower lashline (matte blackened teal)
Ben Nye Toast on brow bone and to blend out edges of color
Ben Nye cake liner- black
Urban Decay 24/7 liner- zero on waterline
Cover Girl Lashblast- very black

Cheeks are MAC- The Perfect Cheek

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love teal e/s. This look is very pretty.

  2. thanks Mz More!! I am a teal fanatic myself ;)

  3. Wow, i love the colours together :-)

  4. WOW... very very pretty! I'm totally in love with the blending

  5. Demoness- the blush is petty awesome, its LE but was able to snag one at the CCO, I think its similar to Blushbaby or Prism from the permanent line. It is such a natural flush LOVE

    Thanks Graphology!

    DBL- thanks so much :)

  6. Ugh your blending is just ridiculously good here :)

  7. This look is so yummy! I adore it!

  8. Thanks SS, thanks Blix!! Its a bit of a different style than usual but I think I like it. Wanna try it with gorgeous gold on the lid and some greens on the outer corner.

  9. Amazing! Looks gorgeous.


  10. like this look, well done ;)

  11. Thanks lipstick rules, thanks Liloo :)