Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soft, easy look with Aromaleigh

This is a combo I used to wear quite a bit but somehow had forgotten.  Its simple and features a light lid which I think serves to open up the eyes quite a bit. 

I used:
Clinique redness relief protective base
MAC Moisture Tint- Light
MAC MSF Natural
Cheeks are NYX Pinky
Contour NYX Taupe blush

Bare Necessity cream shadow as base on lid
Aromaleigh Terphiscore on lid (this was LE and no longer available... its a pale pinky buff with iridescence)
Aromaleigh Slate in crease (matte light taupe)
Aromaleigh Grape in outer V and along lower lashline (matte deep muted purple)
Aromaleigh Glow on brow bone (white frost with some gold fine shimmer)
Ben Nye Cake Liner
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion very black

Lips are Rimmel Airy Fairy

Those rogue bang/fringe hairs have been trimmed... drove me crazy

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very Pretty! I love this combo. Terphiscore is one of my HG Aromaleigh shadows.

    I would really really love it if you could do a Tutorial on this look. I've tried duplicating how you blend and have made horrific messes.

    I am doing a Calendar photo shoot sometime this summer with my dog. The theme is 1940's Post WWII with Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls & Pretty Girls donates the proceeds to "Daddy Dolls" a group that makes dolls to represent parents who are deployed overseas.

    I'm driving up Rochester, NY in June for the first photo shoot.

    ~ Hoyden

  2. Wow, you really have perfect eyeshadow eyes. love the cat liner on you!


  3. it's soft yet very sultry. i love it!

    i think i might have to get that nyx blush in taupe. it looks really nice on you.

  4. This is so simple, yet pretty and defined :) me likeyyyy

  5. Hoyden- how adorable, i love pit bulls (all dogs for that matter) :) I will try and duplicate this for a tutorial on tuesday ;) Thanks so much!

    Laura Beth- thanks so much! I am addicted to the cat eye he he he

    Becky- thank you! I have just reordered it myself with the NYX sale on cherry culture. I am almost done with mine, it really is the perfect contour shade.

    SS- thanks darling!! Terphiscore is so darn pretty, I should've bought more of them when they were available.

  6. Beautiful! Terpsichore is sooo pretty and soft.

  7. This is a perfect every day look. Can be worn any time, all year. Beautimus. :-)

  8. Kathy- I just love terphiscore :) Thanks!

    Blix- thank you!

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